Do you have a low pain threshold?

Nope. You don't.

There is no such thing as a low pain threshold. Across the globe, across genders, we all have roughly the same pain threshold. But, what you really mean is your 'pain tolerance'. And luckily, that's something you can work on and even increase with the right techniques. This short-course will teach you how to increase your pain tolerance and work with your body at peak performance levels to have an awesome birth! I did it for the births of my children and I do it with birth clients all the time, so YOU can do it too.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Take control of birth pain - naturally
    • Welcome + important info
    • Video: How to reduce birth pain (46 minutes)
    • Cloze test: Pain management skills
    • Answer sheet: Pain management skills
    • More resources
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The hardest part of labour...

New mums talk about labour and birth


  • Jasmine

    "Thank you for the weekend course. It was very educational, delivered so much more information than the hospital class and helped us to navigate through the options and decisions. My husband and I felt calm, confident and excited about the birth of our baby after the course."

  • Erin and Jason

    "Thank you so much for being there for H's birth! I don't think I could have done it without you! You were so amazing and we were lucky to have your support!"


  • Sabrina D.

    Childbirth Educator and Doula

    Sabrina D.

    I've had two calm yet powerful natural births. I know that with the right support and knowledge, you can have a beautiful birth too. Let's do this!