What you get

  • Trained educators

  • 12 Videos (5 hours)

  • PDF Downloads

  • Quizzes

  • Further resources

  • Self-guided learning

  • Individual support

  • Access for 9 months

  • Based on research

  • On all devices

Your FAQs

  • Can I have a natural birth?

    The World Health Organisation believes that 85-90% of women (in any given country) can have a natural birth. Drug-free, vaginal, feeling confident and supported by awesome people. But let’s not sugarcoat it. There will be tough moments and some hard work during those contractions. We’ve got heaps of info on how to get through them. The more you learn, the better your chances for a natural birth.

  • I'm a bit scared. Is that normal?

    That's totally normal. Trusting your body is hard when for decades you’ve been fed the idea that birth is horrific. Calm and loving births apparently don’t make good TV. REAL births can be calm and beautiful. So the more you learn about real birth, the less scared you’ll be.

  • How can I get my partner on board?

    We’ll take care of him. It is important that everyone in the birth suite is on the same page. That means your partner needs to know what your birth plan is and why you’ve made those choices. But at the moment he’s probably scared too. The more he’ll learn, the better are your chances for a natural birth.

  • What if I have a low pain threshold?

    Everybody has roughly the same pain threshold. It’s not about WHEN you register pain but WHAT you do to deal with it. That’s called your ‘pain tolerance’. And luckily, that's something you can work on and even increase with the right techniques. We can help you with that!

  • My family and friends think I am crazy for wanting a natural birth. What can I do?

    Truth bomb: They aren’t the ones giving birth. YOU are choosing the kind of birth you want for your body and your baby. The more you learn, the more confident you will be that your choices are right for YOU. That’s all that matters.

  • Will it be quick and easy?

    Let me get my crystal ball. Can I promise you a quick and easy labour? Nope, sorry. But I can promise you quick and easy access to all the info in this course. And research at Western Sydney University has shown that birth courses “focussing on pain relief techniques dramatically reduce the rate of medical interventions during childbirth, such as epidural and caesarean section" and can reduce the fear of childbirth.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Boost your chances for a positive birth
    • Welcome + important info
    • How to boost your chances for a positive birth
    • Reflection
  • 2
    Stages of labour
    • Stages of labour
    • Timeline
    • What happens when?
    • Bonus: Delayed cord clamping
    • Bonus: Natural Birth Vlog
  • 3
    When to go to hospital
    • When to go to hospital
    • Should I stay or should I go?
    • Hospital bag list
  • 4
    Length of labour
    • How to reduce the length of labour
    • Baby's position
    • Good habits for optimal fetal positioning
    • Birth environment checklist
    • Action time!
  • 5
    Reduce labour pain
    • How to reduce labour pain
    • Cloze test: Pain management skills
    • Answer sheet: Pain management skills
    • Game: Drag the words
    • Game: Coping strategies in real birth photo
    • Quiz: Summary of natural tools
    • Game: Natural tools memory
  • 6
    Stay in control
    • Staying in control
    • "The Performance"
    • Birth hormones and their impact
    • Coping strategies for pre- and early labour
    • Reflection
  • 7
    Best birth partner
    • How to be the best birth partner
    • Birth partners only!
    • Support cheat sheet - to take to the birth!
    • Examples of amazing support
  • 8
    Labour and birth positions
    • Labour and birth positions
    • Printable positions - page 1
    • Printable positions - page 2
  • 9
    • Labour crossroads
    • Reflection
  • 10
    Bonus: Choosing your support team
    • Choosing your support team
  • 11
    Bonus: Conversations with staff
    • Conversations with staff
    • Be prepared
  • 12
    Birth plans
    • Birth plans
    • Reflection
    • Birth plan template
  • 13
    Am I ready?
    • Ready to birth?
    • Feedback
    • Congratulations!


  • Jasmine

    "Thank you for the weekend course. It was very educational, delivered so much more information than the hospital class and helped us to navigate through the options and decisions. My husband and I felt calm, confident and excited about the birth of our baby after the course."

  • Erin and Jason

    "Thank you so much for being there for H's birth! I don't think I could have done it without you! You were so amazing and we were lucky to have your support!"


  • Sabrina D.

    Childbirth Educator and Doula

    Sabrina D.

    I've had two calm yet powerful natural births. I know that with the right support and knowledge, you can have a beautiful birth too. Let's do this!